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Was is the theme music to Monty Python´s Flying Circus?

The Liberty Bell March

Written by John Phillip Sousa in 1893, the Liberty Bell March went on to have a “completely different” career in the 1960's as the theme music for the hit British television series Monty Python's Flying Circus.

/who is Christopher Franke?

Christopher Franke

During the 5-year run of the hit scifi series Babylon 5, composer Christopher Franke wrote a unique and original score for every episode. A Synclavier music computer, a Waveframe work station and digital recording are his tools of the trade. To find out more about this composer, log on to

What is Ballet Mecanique?

Ballet Mecanique

BALLET MECANIQUE was composed in 1924, by George Antheil, a young American composer living in Paris. It calls for a percussion orchestra of three xylophones, four bass drums, and a tam-tam (gong); two "live" pianists; seven electric bells, a siren, and three airplane propellors; and 16 synchronized player pianos. It was never performed during Antheil's lifetime, and in fact it was never performed in its full orchestration until 1999, because there was no way of coordinating 16 player pianos until MIDI compatible electric player pianos became available. To find out more about this remarkable piece, visit

Where can I find out more about choral singing?


Another excellent source of information on choral singing is This site also has excellent links to other music related sites.

How popular is choral singing in the United States?

Choral Survey

According to a new national study by Chorus America, nearly 28.5 million adults and children regularly perform in choral groups in the U. S., more than any other art form. One or more adults in 15.6 percent of households in America performed in at least one chorus, and of those, almost 45 percent performed with more than one chorus. The study also estimates the number of choruses in the U.S. to be 250,000. For details on this study, see the Chorus America website, .

What is a Drum and Bugle Corps?

Drum and Bugle Corps

Another interesting development: drum and bugle corps. Originally a type of military band, they have evolved into a form of marching band, sometimes with 100-200 members, performing highly complex musical and precision marching shows. Competitions are held during warm weather months. For more information, try Drum Corps International:

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