Characteristics of Romantic Music

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What should I listen for in music of the Romantic composers?

Characteristics of Romantic Music

1. Listen for the range of emotion expressed by the composers of the Romantic Period, from the intimate lyricism of a Chopin Prelude to the grand orchestral sounds of a Tschaikovsky symphonic work.

2. Listen for melody and the influence of Polish, Hungarian and Russian folk songs and dances in the music of Brahms, Chopin and Dvorak.

3. Listen for musical color. For example, the use of the horn, and new combinations of winds and strings, gave orchestral music a new musical color palette.

4. Listen for the lyricism of Puccini, Schumann, and the virtuostic appeal of Liszt and Mendelssohn.



9/18/2006 2:37:44 AM
woho said:

i'll comment just to be the first and beat all you other people. not very helpful at all but its ok. should contain more info or melody and rhythm, and that nearly all romantic music are homophonic in texture


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