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What are percussion instruments?

Percussion Instruments

Percussion instruments are played by striking or shaking. Examples of percussion instruments are drums, tympani, bells and cymbals. The xylophone and the marimba are also percussion instruments because they are struck with a mallet.

What are woodwind instruments?

Woodwind Instruments

Woodwind instruments are those instruments whose column of air is set in vibration by force of breath against the edge of the mouthpiece, or against the reed in the mouthpiece. Clarinet, flute, oboe, English horn and bassoon are examples of woodwind instruments.

What is the origin of the piano?


The first pianofortes were made by Bartolomeo Cristofori around 1698. This was the first keyboard instrument that was able to play two or more notes at a time both loud and soft. Hence the name: “piano” meaning soft and “forte” meaning loud, later shortened to piano.

What are some of the instruments of the orchestra?

String Instruments

The string instruments usually found in the orchestra are, from smallest to largest, the violin, the viola, the violincello (usually referred to as the 'cello) and the contrabass (also called the double bass). Violins and violas are played held inplace under the chin; 'cellos and contrabasses are played supported by a peg resting on the floor.

What is the difference between a harpsichord and a piano?


The harpsichord is a precursor of the piano. In a harpsichord, the strings are plucked, whereas in the piano, the strings are struck by the hammers.

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