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Where can I find out more about choral singing?


Another excellent source of information on choral singing is This site also has excellent links to other music related sites.

Where can I read about choral conducting?

Harold Rosenbaum

Harold Rosenbaum is a distinguished choral director in the Northeast. Read an article about him and his work at

How popular is choral singing in the United States?

Choral Survey

According to a new national study by Chorus America, nearly 28.5 million adults and children regularly perform in choral groups in the U. S., more than any other art form. One or more adults in 15.6 percent of households in America performed in at least one chorus, and of those, almost 45 percent performed with more than one chorus. The study also estimates the number of choruses in the U.S. to be 250,000. For details on this study, see the Chorus America website, .

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